About me

The Apostle Vincenzo Petrarca and his wife, pastor Mariapia Petito, are the founders of the Apostolic Ministry Prophetic LDN Light Of the Nations

About me

I am the Apostle Vincenzo petrarca, or Petrarch, and helped to believers, leaders, and ministers to develop your gifts and your ministry

My spiritual gifts and ministry, my ministry experience , and a passion for people and a heart of a father are the essential qualities that have accompanied me in my service to the Church.

During these years:


Years in the ministry


Countries visited


I have over 25 years in the ministry, and I have helped more than 100 pastors, prophets, apostles and churches.

My experiences

Once a person said to me: “There are people who say things and people that you have things to say”

What he means is that there are people who speak without ever having had real experiences. I completely agree.

These are significant steps that we have taken as a ministry


Multiplication of the vision

The vision says, and starts to multiply. Other churches ask for coverage and parentage, and was born the School of Ministry to pastors, leader, and all who want to serve God


A vision for the transformation of the church

God sends us to live in Valencia, Spain and gives us a new vision, for the transformation of the Church


Any experiences of the ministry in a book

He was born on the book “Supernatural experiences with God”that , in brief, was translated into Italian, Spanish and English, and is sold through Amazon in Italy, Spain, the united States, Germany, England, France, Holland, Poland, Sweden, Japan, Canada and Australia.



The work of God requires of all our efforts as a family and leave everything work as an entrepreneur to devote myself full-time to the work of God. Born other churches in Italy and groups in Spain and churches and ministries ask for coverage and parenting


Mission trips to South america

The doors of Spain and South america they begin to open up, God works especially in Peru, and Venezuela


I founded the ministry LDN Light Of The Nations

In addition to the church, joined the work of itinerant ministry as a prophetic collaborating with several churches in Italy, conducting conferences, seminars, schools prophetic teachings on the gifts of the Spirit


I founded the first church

After serving several years as a youth leader and intercession, I started the first church

What people say

We have countless testimonies of people healed, released and transformed.

Here are some

I give glory to God and give thanks to the Lord for having known the apostle Vincenzo Petrarca. It was the only one who understood our calling and our ministry.
Since we started the journey with their coverage of the spiritual father and the studies that he has given us, we have been an open world and is producing a fundamental change in our lives, making us grow day-to-day and looking within ourselves where we can grow more and more
Pastor Leonardo and Prophet Elisa
LDN Light Of the Nations of Latin - Italy
After 12 years, being the leader of a large church, when I approach the ministry LDN could be healed of spiritual bondage, have changed their character and physical healing, as cavus foot of birth.
Today I live my fullness in CHRIST , thanks to the Ministry of the Apostle Vincenzo.
LDN Light Of The Nations Valencia - Spain
Apostle, since I am doing the school ministero me feel better, it has become the desire to look more to the Lord, to seek the spiritual gifts. I am praying that God will give me more, God really is talking about and I see something different in the church.
Pastora Maria
Since God spoke to us about taking the spiritual covering of the Apostle Vincenzo Petrarca we have noticed an acceleration in our ministry.
The Apostle is not only a man of faith, but has the heart of a father, I never in the past we have felt so loved and valued that which God has called us to do.
Pastor Vincenzo and Prophet Maria
LDN Light Of The Nations Napoli - Italy